Recommended for Sportsmen and those who are particular about their intimate hygiene and confidence. Also suggested for use under the armpits, groins, or any sweaty areas.

Effectively get rids of Bacteria, Odor, and Impurities
Bond includes IPMP for a superior cleansing, compared to regular soap. It helps to reduce unwanted odor caused by day-to-day activities. It is also recommended for washing off residuals left behind from condoms and lubricants.

Gentle and Restore moisture
Bond is soap-free and pH-neutral. Add olive oil, and you get a solution that is gentle and helps to restore moisture and to reduce soreness from the use of normal soap in some men. Moreover, its clear gel texture does not leave any oily traceand is easy to wash off.

Fresh and Cool
Bond reduces itchiness and discomfort from perspiration, and leaves a cool refreshing sensation after use.

Apply a small amount to the intimate part, work into lather and rinse away with clean water. Use daily during showers. For a cooler sensation leave the lather before rinising off.

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