Recommended for men with easily irritated skin or those who sweat heavily.
Also suggested for use under the armpits, groins, buttocks or any sweaty areas

Day-long, dry & itch-free comfort

Specially formulated ultra-fine talcum, with Micro Sphere Silica to provide superior sweat-absorbing properties in order to keep you dry and comfortable, while naturally-extracted Bisabolol is added to soothe your skin and prevent itching

Soothes and nourishes

Jojoba Oil effectively soothes and nourishes your skin

Keeps you feeling & smelling great all day

IPMP reduces the accumulation of bacteria, a primary cause of odor and skin-itching. The seductive, long-lasting masculine scent boosts your confidence and keeps you smelling great all day.


Apply to the intimate area. Use daily after showers, before sports or on-the-go.

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